Minnesota Virtual Online Middle & High School

Our Mission

Minnesota Virtual High School provides a personalized online learning experience in which our students prepare to be successful contributors in an evolving global community.
Minnesota Virtual High School™ is a online high school that partners with school districts across the state and is one of the largest virtual middle and high schools in Minnesota. We use the Internet to deliver your education, which opens up a world of flexible learning solutions to help you graduate and find success when your local public school’s traditional options don’t fit your needs for grades 7 – 12.
Middle School & High School – Full-time and part-time/supplemental programs are available.


You’ll work with Minnesota-certified teachers who want to see you succeed. Minnesota-certified teachers are on-demand via phone, email, or instant message. Teachers are available for 1:1 interaction during scheduled times as well as by appointment. 24/7 technical support is available as well.
Our comprehensive program offers access to a wealth of online courses in six subject areas.
Our program is offered by an accredited, public charter school so when you graduate, you’ll receive a real high school diploma.
Your courses are entirely online, accessible anytime and anywhere.
Learn and communicate with your teachers in our safe, secure online environment. Get up-to-date progress reports at any time to help you track your progress.
You’ll never feel “stuck,” thanks to our full-range support team which consists of qualified Minnesota teachers, academic coaches, and tech support virtually throughout Minnesota or in person (by appointment) at our offices in downtown St. Paul.

How it Works

MNVHS is a no cost online high school as it is a public school offered by Minnesota Transitions Charter Schools.
Minnesota-certified teachers are on-demand during scheduled hours and by appointment via phone, email, or instant message for 1:1 interaction. Teachers communicate with you through phone, email, and instant messaging. Our teachers even have a virtual online whiteboard to visually explain concepts to you.
It works just like a traditional high school, except everything is online. You can login and access your courses from home, the public library, or anywhere there is a computer and Internet access.
We are committed to the success of every student. Our academic coaches work directly with you to help orient you into your online classes, answer any questions, and connect you with your teachers.

MNVHS Media Mentions

The virtual learning experience helped my son focus on academics without the distraction of his peers…
Yvonne, Parent
I would highly recommend this school to any parent and student!
Loren, Parent
It’s right for me because I can do it at my own pace; it’s more of a challenge.
Dametrice, Student
We did the research…it was the answer to what we had been looking for.
Cindy, Parent
With virtual high school, I’m having a lot more fun and I’m enjoying more flexibility.
Claire, Student
The best part about virtual high school is that I’m learning a lot.
Mason, Student
I like the independent study. You are on your own – you have everything to take care of yourself.
Sadia, Student
I have noticed a big improvement in my grades because I can pace myself and my teachers are right there to help me.
Chantal, Student