Chromebook Loan Program is Closed for the 16-17 school year

Chromebook loan program is program is designed to assist in removing barriers in order for students to complete their education and graduate. Minnesota Virtual High School will provide a Chromebook with internet capabilities to qualifying students so that they can have access to their courses. Students can apply to borrow a Chromebook at no cost as long as they are completing their assigned school work and meet the specified qualifications.

In order to qualify for the Chromebook loan program:

  1. student must be eligible for Educational Benefits. (If the student qualifies for free and reduced lunch, then he/she will qualify.)
  2. 2. You must be enrolled full-time at Minnesota Virtual High School.
  3. Submit eligibility for Educational Benefits with updated form.
  4. 4. Submit online Acknowledgement of Chromebook Policy and Internet Acceptable Use Policy

The Chromebooks are property of Minnesota Virtual High School and are closely monitored. If a student decides to withdraw or is dropped, he or she will be responsible for returning the Chromebook to the school in good working condition.

If interested in applying for a Chromebook, please let the Admissions office know when you fill out your application for enrollment.
If you have any questions, contact out Admissions Coordinator at