Important Dates

  • There is no summer programming available.
  • PT Enrollment for the 16-17 school year has closed. We are now accepting enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year.


  • There is no summer programming available.
  • Enrolled/attending a Minnesota public school
  • Has available hours in schedule, or drops certain class(es) to take them online
  • Be able to access a computer and internet regularly to complete work – whether it be at the local school, library, home, or another location
  • Be in grades 7-12

Download the Part-Time Paperwork

Student, Parent/Guardian, and local School Counselor signatures required.
PT Paperwork
Online Part-Time Interest Form

Options for Submission

1. Fax all 3 pages to 612-746-7989

2. Scan as PDF and email to

3. Mail to MNVHS Admissions
180 East 5th Street, M10A
St. Paul, MN 55101

Enrollment Process

  1. Complete the online Part-Time Interest form (or Download the PT forms)
  2. In the automated email to the form submission will be a link to the MDE fillable PDF of the Online Learning Supplemental form – download this form.
  3. Complete the first page of the two-page OLL form, then print it.
  4. Sign the first page of the OLL form. True signatures are required.
  5. Bring the two pages to the school counselor.
  6. The student, guardian, and school counselor discuss and determine which class(es) the student will take with MNVHS.
  7. The school counselor fills out their contact information, the course(s) to be taken with MNVHS, and checks the appropriate boxes.
  8. Depending on the school’s procedures the school counselor or administrator signs the form as the Enrolling District’s OLL contact person.
  9. The school counselor or student or guardian submits both pages to MNVHS.