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We have never had such a network of support from a school ever and I am truly grateful for that. She is succeeding because of this I feel very confident when I speak to my clients and her Dr’s about how well she is doing because of the support… More kids like her need this!! So Thank You and Keep up the great work!
Parent of an 11th grade student at MNVHS
We are thrilled so far at how this is all going for Dan. This is the first time in many many years that school problems were not an issue for Dan and for our entire family. We are truly grateful for your efforts and for the ability to have Dan in this learning environment.
Parent of a 10th grade student at MNVHS
My son is currently enrolled in MNVHS and I have been so impressed with the program as well as the faculty and staff.
The Parent of a new 11th grade student
My progress is coming along great. I’m thankful for having online classes. I’m looking forward to finishing my goal.
An 11th grade student
Thank you so much for your time you have taken to help us. Every person that I have spoken to at MNVHS have been so nice, professional and very supportive!!
The Parent of a 12th grade student to Academic Coach Callista Larson
I am very grateful for the opportunity you have given me to get my diploma. I am looking forward to the next semester of classes, as I have an extended break from work, allowing me to focus more primarily on class and getting my diploma, pursuing higher education and achieving my dreams.
A 12th grade student
Thank you! Honestly couldn’t have done it without you and the MNVHS staff, you guys give great encouragement and you do as much as possible to make sure students like me are successful. Thanks again Mrs. Mullan, I really appreciate everything.
2014 Graduate to MNVHS School Counselor Julia Mullan
You are who people are looking for. I’m in love with what you provide.
Parent of a 12th grade student
Thanks – our entire experience at MNVHS was positive!
Parent of a recent graduate
Thank you so much. I can honestly say MNVHS has saved my family from so much drama. I love the school and recommend it to everyone I meet
Parent of a 2014 Graduating Senior